Grand Alliance

Grand alliance or THE BIG THREE was the strategic military alliance between United States, Soviet Union and Great Britain
The Yalta Conference, Crimea, February 1945
Grand alliance or THE BIG THREE was the strategic military alliance between United States (Greatest capitalist country), Soviet Union (Greatest communist country) and Great Britain (Greatest colonist country).
The alliance was formed on the idea to fight and defeat Axis Powers. Apart from that all the three have their own personal reasons

  • Great Britain

The trio of Germany, Italy, and Japan were direct threat not only to the colonies of British Empire both in Africa and Asia but were also posing a challenge to the existence of Britain as a country

  • United States of America

The US already had the concerns against the Japanese and German expansion but was supporting Britain in form of aid and military supplies but all changed after the Pearl Harbor attack which made US jump into the war

  • The Soviet Union

With Operation Barbarossa which resulted in breaking of Nazi-Soviet pact and unchallenged Imperialist Japanese expansion on its east resulted in Reds joining alliance
1943 sketch by Franklin Roosevelt 
of the United Nations' 
original three branches. 
The branch on the right represents
the Four Policemen.

Later China joined and together with other three became the “Four Policeman of World Peace
The idea was conceived by FDR in early 1941 and China was brought in as a member of the Big Four and a future member of the Four Policemen.
The basic theme behind it was to create and maintain the post-war peace and focus on the disarmament of any future aggressor.
It resulted in the formation of United Nations.

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